SC Growth Track Classes

Growth Track

Welcome to Growth Track!

If you are new to Sonrise church this is your first step to getting to know us as a church and beginning your journey with us.

Grow Track is a set of classes to help start and guide you as you grow in Jesus and experience life-change to the fullest.

Growth Track is typically divided into 2 classes, Engage and Serve and Grow Nights. Depending on which area you want to grow, these Grow nights happen 3 times a year to deepen you in your faith.

Engage Class

Engage Class is the first step in our Growth track you would join. Engage is for everyone who is new to Sonrise church or anyone else who has not attended Engage over the years.

Engage class is our invitation to you, towards your next steps with Sonrise Church, this is where you will; DISCOVER who we are and what we are about, TAKE your first step towards serving, and BECOME a partner as we pursue God’s dream together.

Serve Class

If you have completed Engage Class then Serve class is for you.

Serve Class is designed to EQUIP you to use you spiritual gifts and personality that God has entrusted you within the church. INSPIRE you on how you can SERVE Jesus by serving others.

As part of the class, we go through different spiritual gifts and competencies that God has blessed us with and discover how we can carry the hope and purpose of Jesus together.

Grow Night

Grow Night is a night for the whole church family with classes that anyone can attend! This collection of classes that are designed to help develop and grow Christians into maturity and propel you, as a follower of Jesus,  into the life-giving relationship that you have with Him.

There is a range of practical topics that will be covered: your calling, prayer, prophecy and the practices of Jesus’s church and His followers.