Outreach: Mission & Ministry

We believe that the Lord has called us to greater involvement in the Great Commission through local, national, and global mission. Acts 1:8 is one version of the Great Commission where Jesus called his disciples to “be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.”

Over the next 3-5 years we intent to grow our mission influence with an increase in our contribution to unreached people groups.  We currently partner with the following in prayer and financial support as giving a portion of our general fund to these ministries:


ACOP Regional Ministry

Made up of the districts: BC Coast and Islands District, Interior and Northern District. In the BC Coast and Islands District, the focus of financial resources is on Canadian church planting and developing leaders. We support the start of a Mandarin-speaking Chinese Church as a campus of Agape Church in Burnaby which is an English-speaking church with an international focus, particularly reaching the Asian population in Burnaby. Caleb Juan and his wife Judy serve as the campus pastors of the Mandarin Church, working with Pastors Matthew and Winnie Low of Agape Church.

Cloverdale Community Kitchen

The Cloverdale Community Kitchen is hosted by Pacific Community Church. Every Christmas we participate in the food drive and hamper packing event to serve the less fortunate individuals and families of Cloverdale with hampers over the Christmas season.

In February, we participate in The Coldest Night of the Year walk which is a family-friendly national walk-a-thon that helps raise funds for charities that serve hungry, homeless and hurting people in your town.

Every 4th Wednesday of the month a team of Sonrise volunteers serve a meal at the kitchen to those in need in our community.

Gospel Mission Society – Downtown East Side

The mission serves the downtown area with

The Gospel Mission is located in the downtown east-side of Vancouver and is the oldest mission in the city and the oldest in Canada. It has been in operation since 1929 and has been at its current location since the 1940s, as a place of caring with food, services, and ministry to the needy.

Big Brothers And Big Sisters – Langley

Sonrise church has been supporting The Big Brothers Big Sisters of Langley for many years and enjoy every moment of it. Annually, Sonrise has the honor of raising money to provide back to school backpacks for the children of BBBSL, and they also have the privilege of hosting the Annual Agency Christmas Party for more than the past decade. It is always exciting to see the families come through and partner with our community.


Wagner Hills Farm Society

Addiction and substance abuse have left a trail of broken and devastated lives across the lower mainland. Wagner Hills has been a place of transformation for many over 40 years and Sonrise Church is pleased to work alongside them to provide HEALING, GROWTH AND TRANSFORMATION in the lives of people at Wagner Hills.

This mission and ministry endeavor is based from Sonrise Church and covered by our leadership.

Cowichan River Bible Camp – Vancouver Island

Cowichan is affiliated as our ACOP district camp, located on seventy-six acres of the property divided by the Cowichan River, nine miles west of Duncan, BC. It is a choice location for Family camping. Time at Cowichan will be a life-changing experience for every age. The Bible, God’s Word to us, is the focal point of a Cowichan Camp stay. While at Cowichan, you will receive encouragement from God’s Word, which will help you in your day to day life. We look forward to your visit this summer.


Bruce & Lauren Lungren – Quebec Unreached People Group

Bruce and Lauren are “mission mobilizers”. Which means they have been sent out to call the Church to its mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ in every people group and making Jesus famous everywhere. God uses Bruce and Lauren to breathe passion for the Harvest into untapped mission forces, especially among French-speaking Quebec, Europe, and Africa. They equip churches and leaders for strategic mission engagement and invite disciples to pour their whole lives, gifts, and resources into God’s mission.

This mission and ministry endeavor is based from Sonrise Church and covered by our leadership.

Eston College

Eston College is our ACOP ministry training school located in Eston, SK. It’s an Evangelical, Pentecostal community whose mission is to develop disciples of Christ — faithful men & women educated in the wisdom of the Bible who walk in obedience to the Holy Spirit and who extend God’s grace by serving as His ambassadors in the home, church, and marketplace.

United Youth Outreach

United Youth Outreach is a hub for youth ministries and outreaches. We are empowering leaders who impact today’s youth. We are influencing culture by developing excellence and passion in the arts, social justice, and sports. We are delivering hope by extending the message of the gospel to transform lives.


Africa Orphan Care – Zimbabwe, Malawi & Mozambique

Sonrise Orphan Care Zimbabwe is an initiative where Sonrise Church has determined to partner with ACOP churches in Zimbabwe to assist in their efforts to rescue and feed hundreds of orphans. The HIV / AIDS pandemic has leftover 15,000,000 orphans in Sub-Saharan Africa (over 1 million in Zimbabwe alone) and, intensified by famine, poverty, and a corrupt government in Zimbabwe, the situation is desperate.

The Orphan Care program is a partnership venture and many people have committed to caring for at least one orphan for $35 each month. About 600 orphans are receiving monthly support through this initiative.

Middle East Global Workers – Unreached People Group

A young family currently based in the Middle East are global workers who are there with a focus to reach unreached people groups. They currently are completing their language studies and focusing on team building to reach their community.


We have expanded our outreach to Mozambique where ACOP has an orphanage with about 60 children being cared for and schooled on site.

We are expanding our investment in sustainability projects for each orphan care centre. These include gardens, piggeries, chicken farms, and fish farms, along with wells for freshwater.

This work has just expanded into Malawi with other Orphan Care feeding centers.

These mission and ministry endeavors are based from Sonrise Church and covered by our leadership.

Africa Pastoral Training

A Sonrise Church we support Reverend Stan Powers as he serves the ACOP leaders and Churches in Southern Africa.

Rev. Stan resources numerous pastors, churches, and ministry endeavors from Canada and when he travels to Africa during the year.

ACOP International Office

The Apostolic Church of Pentecost is home to our ACOP President and staff. It’s a Fellowship that represents hundreds of churches and credentialed ministers across Canada.
We’re committed to being a global movement of passionate people extending God’s grace and igniting hope in every community
and strive to develop and release effective leaders and healthy churches who transform communities.